Sample MPPAL Student Topics and MRP Papers, 2016-20

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  • An Analysis of Whistleblower Legislation in the National Security Sector in Canada
  • Preventative Versus Reactive Policy: The Political Viability of Vaccinations
  • Public-Private Partnerships to Offset Municipal Policing Costs in Ontario
  • Examining the Impact of Federal Policy on Public Approval for Safe Injection Sites in Toronto, Ontario
  • Where the Work Gets Done? Impacts of the Ontario Standing Committee on Social Policy
  • Food Insecurity -- Bringing Governments to the Table
  • Leading the Thin Blue Line: A Survey of Police Leadership Training in Ontario
  • Health and Safety for Migrant Farm Workers in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program
  • “Digital by Default”: Digital and Social Inclusion in Ontario’s Digital Government Policy
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Ontario Adjudicative Tribunals with s. 21 of ATAGAA - An Evaluation Proposal
  • Would Practitioner Regulation Ensure More Qualified and Capable Child and Youth Care Workers in the Province of Ontario?
  • Breed Specific Legislation: Ontario Needs a Pup-date
  • Canadian Animation Industry: Rules and Regulations
  • Collaborative Risk-driven Network Spaces and Equitable Service Delivery
  • Public Safety and the Legalization of Cannabis in Canada
  • Advisory Council Membership in Ontario: Who Advises the Electrical Safety Authority?
  • Local Health Networks: Ontario’s 14 LHINs Commitment to Community Engagement
  • Sex-Trafficking of Underage Indigenous Females
  • Aboriginal Youth Justice: A Look at Extrajudicial Measures
  • Ontario and Policing: Racialized Groups and Disproportionate Encounters with the Police
  • Ontario Works: The Bureaucratic Discretion of Administrative Processes
  • Effectiveness of Carbon Pricing Towards the Greening of Ontario
  • How do Best Practices emerging from Family Drug Treatment Courts contribute to the Surveillance and Control of Women in Child Protection Hearings?
  • Cannabis Regulation and Youth in Ontario
  • The Impact of the Gladue report on Indigenous Incarceration: Ontario and B.C. compared
  • Voters with Disabilities - their Rights to Participate in the Electoral Process in Ontario
  • Is there Adultism in Ontario Classrooms?
  • Deviating from Solitary Confinement as a Global Practice: Courts, Inmates, Mental Health and Segregation
  • Hamilton's Public Engagement Charter: Its impact on the engagement of people with low income in City planning
  • The Effects of Neoliberalism on Industrial Relations
  • The role of the Ombuds offices and Ombuds Persons in the Financial Industry in Canada
  • Access to Abortion
  • Refugee Determination and National Security
  • Privately Sponsored vs. Government Assisted: Integration of Experiences of Syrian Refugees in Toronto
  • Is Canada Aging Population causing a Federal Financial Burden

Ryan Clancy received the 2019 Best Major Research Paper Award.

Ryan received the award for his research on the City of Toronto's response to the recent surge in gun violence. He recently transitioned from the OPS to LIFT Philanthropy Partners as the senior manager, impact investing with emphasis on social finance and impact. He also serves as vice-chair of the Board of Regeneration Community Services, a not-for-profit that provides housing support for persons with mental health and addiction challenges. MPPAL Director Dagmar Soennecken, who also served as Clancy’s research supervisor, presented him with the award.

2019 MRP award winner

2019 MRP award winner Ryan Clancy (right) with supervisor and MPPAL Director, Prof. Dagmar Soennecken

Rebecca Mukuna received the 2018 Best Major Research Paper Award.

Rebecca Mukuna received the award for her research on the topic of Health and Safety for Migrant Farm Workers in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. Her paper won Honourable Recognition in the graduate student category of the national essay contest run by the Progressive Economic Forum. Rebecca started to work for the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety as a Training and Education Assistant in 2017 and what she learned on the job regarding health and safety also inspired her to write her major research paper. University Professor Brenda Spotton Visano served as Mukuna’s research supervisor and presented her with the award.

Rebecca Mukuna (right) and Prof. Brenda Spotton Visano, her Topics paper supervisor

Shireen Salti's MRP received the inaugural (2017) Major Research Paper (MRP) Award in the MPPAL program.

Shireen Salti (on the right) with Professor Naomi Couto who served as her MRP supervisor

Her MRP focused on the integration of privately sponsored versus government assisted Syrian refugees in Toronto and was presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA) at the University of Manitoba in May, 2017.




Ian Greene MPPAL Book Prize Winners, 2016–20

This prize is awarded to three graduating students in the MPPAL Program who have achieved the highest grade-point averages in the program. Recipients will be selected by the MPPAL Bursary & Awards Committee according to their grade point average.

In the event that more than three students are tied for achieving the highest grade-point averages, the Committee, at its discretion, may decide to present the award to between one and five students.


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