MPPAL Program

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York's Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law (MPPAL) program provides students with a comprehensive, cutting edge education focused on social justice issues, public and administrative law, public sector ethics and human rights.

While including all the elements of the standard curriculum followed by other Canadian MPA programs, the MPPAL includes the opportunity to study leading-edge subjects such as change management, human resources management, the impact of multiculturalism on policy development and implementation, as well as innovative approaches to labour relations and conflict resolution, e-government and the impact of globalization. The program consists of 3 thematic modules, consisting of 3 half (3.0) courses each.

Students are provided with a combination of legal, policy analysis and public management skills all rooted in a social justice perspective, and applicable to any area of the public sector, including government, emergency, police and military services as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The MPPAL was created for working professionals, which means that all applicants will already have acquired some work experience in the public sector before entering the program. The MPPAL is offered either as a part-time, executive program, allowing you to pursue a degree and enhance your career prospects while continuing to work full-time; or as a full-time program for more junior professionals, who may wish to continue to work part-time.

NOTE: As a primarily part-time program, we will reach out to those applicants who indicate interest in the full-time option on their Supplementary Form if they meet the criteria.  In terms of how MPPAL is structured, the majority of applicants will enter the program as part-time students.

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