York's Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law (MPPAL) is a professional,  interdisciplinary graduate program designed to provide you with the skills needed for effective public administration and public policy analysis, with an emphasis on the themes of constitutional and administrative law and social justice.

It draws on the strengths of faculty from across York University, including the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Glendon College, Osgoode Hall Law School and Environmental Studies.

The MPPAL was created for working professionals, which means that all applicants will already have acquired some work experience in the public sector before entering the program. The MPPAL is offered either as a part-time, executive program, allowing you to pursue a degree and enhance your career prospects while continuing to work full-time; or as a full-time program for more junior professionals, who may wish to continue to work part-time.

NOTE: As a primarily part-time program, we will reach out to those applicants who indicate interest in the full-time option on their Supplementary Form if they meet the criteria but please note that full-time offers are very few and limited.  In terms of how MPPAL is structured, the majority of applicants will enter the program as part-time students.

York's MPPAL will provide you with the competencies and professional opportunities that a graduate degree brings, as well as prepare you to be an influential voice in your chosen career.

Student Testimonials

Alyssa Offenheim

Alyssa Offenheim—York Region
I had an excellent experience as a policy analyst co-op student at The Regional Municipality of York (York Region). Over the span of nine months, I was able to contribute to many high-priority projects across three policy areas, and I walked away with enhanced skills in policy research and analysis, stakeholder engagement, and project management. I also was able to apply the knowledge and skills in program evaluation, legal analysis, research, and professional communication that I developed in the classroom, adding value to projects, initiatives, and meetings.The work I was assigned in each area was meaningful, as I had the opportunity to contribute to projects that had major impact on clients. For instance, while working in the Human Resources Department, I had the opportunity to conduct jurisdictional scans and literature reviews, draft and present policy options, lead stakeholder consultations, and prepare a draft of a policy that would impact hundreds of employees. In another example of performing meaningful work, I directly supported York Region’s vision for a zero-emission organization by 2051 by identifying and preparing options to electrify the corporate fleet through research, consultation, and analysis. In each rotation, I found myself progressing in my understanding of the policy development cycle, and also gradually working on projects of increased complexity.The work experience would not have been as excellent if not for the friendly and professional staff at York Region. As a student, I was immediately and fully integrated into each department I joined, and I found that management was receptive to me wanting to get the best learning experience possible. The team members and other colleagues I worked with in each department were also positive and supportive, and I found myself able to rely on several mentors for guidance on projects and career advice. York Region is also rich with MPPAL alumni, all of whom were kind to include me in their networks and extend their support and advice throughout my journey. It’s no wonder York Region was named a Top Employer of Young People in Canada in 2020!The rewarding co-op experience allowed me to walk away with a set of skills and professional experiences which have prepared me for future roles in the field. More importantly, I was able to apply the knowledge and skills I developed in the classroom to contribute to the development and delivery of major initiatives that would improve outcomes for many of York Region’s clients, particularly residents.
photo of Alyssa Offenheim

Alumni Testimonial Video

MPPAL Student & Alumni Testimonials (video)
MPPAL students and alumni, including Tania Waugh (shown right) share their experiences with our part-time executive-style Master’s program, balancing study and work, and the impact on their careers.
photo of MPPAL alumna Tania Waugh