Financial Information & Awards

Tuition and Fees

Program fees are determined by a graduate program's classification. They fall into two general categories: "regular" or "professional" graduate programs. The MPPAL program is classified as a professional program.

Fees are further charged on a "per-program" basis, which means that the fees remain the same regardless of whether a student takes all or only some courses in the program. Please visit the link below for detailed information on York's current tuition and fees.

York's Student Financial Services (SFS) Office publishes detailed fees for each academic session. There is a separate page for the 2017-18 MPPAL fees.


Fees refunds/credit calculations are based on complete withdrawal from a term, not withdrawal from individual courses. This is because fees are calculated according to a student's program and full-time or part-time enrollment status/activity level. Fees are not calculated on a per course basis.

Financial Support

Because the MPPAL is a professional program, financial support is limited. We administer a small bursary program exclusive to our students. Support is offered on a demonstrated needs basis and competitive, i.e. because funds are limited, we are not able to support every student who applies. Prospective students should ensure they have sufficient funds before starting the program.

MPPAL students may also be  eligible for limited support (for part-time students) through OSAP.


At this time, only a limited number of internal and internal (monetary) awards are available to students who are in a part-time program like the MPPAL.

For more on scholarship, bursary and awards opportunities available to graduate students at York, please consult the following pages:

Student & Alumni Awards

Each year, the School of Public Policy & Administration recognizes its outstanding students and alumni for their contributions to advancing its undergraduate and graduate programs at a special awards dinner in the fall.

Alumni Recognition Award

The Alumni Recognition Award acknowledges exceptional contributions made by one alumnus/a of the School’s programs to the activities and programs of the School as well as to the mentoring of students and new professionals.

Graduate Student Award

The Graduate Student Award acknowledges exceptional contributions made by one current student or recent graduate student to the activities and programs of the School.

Recipients will have enhanced student experience by active engagement in the Faculty, either inside or outside of the classroom or through involvement with a student association.

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes a current student or recent alumnus/alumna of the School who is an emerging leader within the broader public sector (including the non-profit sector) and represents the ideals, values and abilities of sound, responsible and engaging public policy and administration in congruence with the School's vision to promote Good Governance. The Award recipient will normally have 5-8 years of work experience in the broader public sector.

Nominations for the above awards are invited from faculty, staff, individual students and alumni, as well as associations of students, alumni, and friends of the School. Nominations require a one page statement of the accomplishments of the individual as well as a copy of her or his resume.

All nominations are sent to the Awards Committee which consists of all three SPPA Directors, a current GSAPPAL (graduate student), PPASA (undergraduate student) and an Alumni Association representative.

Nominations are typically received by in the spring of each year.

Best MRP award

The MPPAL “best MRP award" is given to an MPPAL student for the most outstanding Major Research Paper (or equivalent) submitted in a given academic year.

Nomination letters by supervising faculty members (or Topics course instructors) must be received after the completion of the MRP (or the Topics course paper) until mid October and are adjudicated by the MPPAL Bursary & Awards Committee.

Ian Greene MPPAL Book Prize

This prize is awarded to three graduating students in the MPPAL Program who have achieved the highest grade-point averages in the program.

Recipients will be selected by the MPPAL Bursary & Awards Committee according to their grade point average.  In the event that more than three students are tied for achieving the highest grade-point averages, the Committee, at its discretion, may decide to present the award to between one and five students.