Current Course Schedules


Courses by year

First year (Fall/Winter 2016/17)

GS/PPAL 6000 3.0 Public Management  F  week night (Tues or Wed)
GS/PPAL 6100 3.0 Canadian Constitutional Law  Y  1 x month, weekend
GS/PPAL 6200 3.0 Research Methods and Information Systems  W  week night (Tues or Wed)
GS/PPAL 6140 3.0 Court Organization and Management F week night, *optional* (required for justice administration diploma students)
GS/PPAL 6990 3.0 Independent Readings and Research F n/a
GS/PPAL 6155 3.0 Democratic Administration W week night, *optional* (required for democratic administration diploma students)

First year (Summer 2017)

GS/PPAL 6020 3.0 Public Finance and Accounting SU week night + weekend (May/June)

Second year (Fall/Winter 2017/18)

GS/PPAL 6010 3.0 Leadership and Human Resource Management Y 1 x month, weekend
GS/PPAL 6210 3.0 Program Evaluation and Public Policy Analysis F week night
GS/PPAL 6120 3.0 Administrative Law and Ethics: Principles and Practices in the Policy-Making Context W week night
GS/PPAL 6230 3.0 Topics in Public Policy (or 6250) Y 1 x month, weekend
GS/PPAL 6250 3.0 Major Research Paper Y n/a

Second year (Summer 2018)

GS/PPAL 6130 3.0 Equity, Policy, Law and Planning SU week night + weekend (May/ June)