Alumni Profiles

Diverse career paths – let our alumni tell you about the value of our programs.

We asked alumni from our undergraduate and graduate programs to tell prospective students about the work they do and how our programs affected the achievement of their career goals. Please explore their answers below:

Alumni: If you would like to reconnect with SPPA and York, or simply would like to update your information, please complete this form. You may upload a current photo as well.

Alumni Award

Each year, the School of Public Policy & Administration recognizes its outstanding students and alumni for their contributions to advancing its undergraduate and graduate programs at a special awards dinner in the fall.

Visit the MPPAL financial information & awards page for more information on how to nominate a fellow alumni.

SPPA Fundraising

Message from SPPA Director, Professor Alena Kimakova.

I am pleased to announce the launch of our very own SPPA fundraising. Donations will allow SPPA to expand our range of extra-curricular activities for students and alumni, supports available for current students, and recruit the best among the aspiring future public sector leaders.  

As our SPPA family grows larger every year and our students and alumni embrace with great enthusiasm the opportunity to interact with each other, event registrations fill up faster and faster and it is always very regrettable for our Executive and staff to turn down anyone because we have reached our capacity and budgetary limits. Private donations will allow us to be more inclusive in our events and other activities, which will ultimately benefit all of us and strengthen the variety of support networks – I dare say even life-time support networks - we have built in our SPPA community. This is our pride and unique trait that enables our students and alumni to grow professionally, and contribute to advancing the highest standards in public service in a wide variety of ways.

I would like to underscore that any support would be much appreciated. To illustrate, it has been customary for faculty members to sponsor a few student seats at our annual Students, Alumni and Community Recognition Awards Dinner at roughly $50 per seat. At other events, even smaller amounts ($10 or $20) can enable the addition of a participant. Larger amounts will enable us to do things we have not been able to do until now and make our existing initiatives more secure and sustainable.

The new online fundraising portal allows easy payment by credit card along with the immediate provision of an electronic tax receipt for your charitable donation via email. The form also allows for matching corporate donations by companies that support such initiatives among their employees in case you or your spouse work for one of those companies. All of the funds raised through this portal will remain at the direct disposal of the School.

The School website provides the link to the fundraising form on the right-hand side under Links, or you can also access it directly here:

Thank you for your attention and continued support, and we hope you will help us advance the School and our activities in our mission to provide Education for Good Governance. – Prof. Alena Kimakova, SPPA Director

Please note that electronic tax receipts will be issued for all gifts.